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Your opportunity to hire top talent
couldn't get any better.
Guarantee No 1 - HR Management Made Simple
In the marketing world, it's a known "rule": if you aim at getting top results, you cannot target everyone around! Instead, you need to narrow your focus and select a preferred niche. This axiom also holds true when it comes to hiring your leading team: your chances of finding suitable candidates will rise noticeably once you "zoom in" and look in the right place.

SEO Jobs Finder presents the ultimate solution: A niche job board, focusing ONLY on the online marketing field.
Guarantee No 2 - Getting Seen. Seeing Results.
Our Job Board is ranked No. 1 in Google searches for SEO jobs and other related SEO and SEM job keywords.

Being the most visited online-marketing job site in the USA, Our Job Board is the ultimate meeting place for both employers and employees aiming at realizing the vast opportunities the online world has to offer.
Guarantee No 3 - Numbers You Can Count On
Our online database includes a huge number of resumes of qualified candidates, all specializing in the field of online marketing: SEO & SEM professionals, Webmasters, digital media experts, and more. Once you place your job ad, it will be exposed to relevant job seekers for a period of 60 days, for the cost of only 139$ .
The power of these numbers is further enhanced by our 4th guarantee -
Guarantee No 4 - Boosting Your Exposure
Lead the way and others will follow! In the age of social media, your followers can be found just around the corner, or should we say, around the Job Board.
When you advertise with us, your job ad will also be placed in all of the top social networks including Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn - and will be exposed to thousands of our loyal followers.
Guarantee No 5 - Enjoying Benefits Reserved for Privileged Customers
Given our valuable guarantees, we can confidently say that SEO Jobs Finder is the most efficient and cost-effective tool available for HR management online.

In addition, here's our promise to you: should you not get the desired results within 60 days of advertising, you will receive from us 5 resumes of top candidates, specially selected from our exclusive (off-line) database - OR your money back.
Thanks! This is my favorite part of posting on your website. These ones are right up the right alley. I can’t remember if I told you this last time but we did end up making a hire from our posting that we did earlier this year with you in Seattle so thank you!
Cindy Bowlin, PHR
The advantage is clear:
you get personalized service-customized to your
exact needs-all for the cost of a Job Board ad.
It doesn't get any better than that!
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