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What an SEO employee does
By Or Hillel
SEO workers constantly monitor and edit websites they currently have. Search engine optimization is one of the major ways a company’s website is marketed and exposed to millions of potential customers over the net. Search engine optimization helps improve a website’s ranking in search engine results. In order to remain competitive, a company must employ SEO experts. 

SEO employees know that content rich keywords is what produces high search engine results. If a website is slowly losing its rank, SEO employees are quick to create content that is heavy in keywords to add to the site. Web site content must be saturated properly with the right keywords. Meta tagging is important as well. 

Another method of improving search engine ranking might include researching what the competitors are doing. SEO workers might recommend using the competition’s techniques for maintaining high rankings. They realize that if certain keywords work for their competitors, those same keywords may work for them as well. That might seem like cheating, but the company is not looking to copy the competitor. They are simply looking to see what they are doing, make it work for them, and make it better. It saves time because there’s no trial and error involved. 

Website design is also important to search engine ranking. It has to appeal to potential customers. Also, Internet robots must be able to read the site easily. Web spiders need to be able to index the site with no problem. SEO employees work together with web designers to ensure their website will be remembered by visitors. 

Another task SEO employees do is scale down pictures or images on the website to make sure they are not too big. Large pictures take a longer time to load and it slows down the website’s efficiency. 

Lastly, link building is a very important task. This is also the hardest task to do. The goal of link building is to increase the popularity of the link or website address. This is often done by posting in forums or submitting links to social websites. Link building can be very time consuming. 

The SEO job may seem complex, but it’s actually not rocket science. There’s no need for a college degree in search engine optimization. With plenty of good optimized content, and user-friendly webpages, the search engines will drive traffic to the site. It all can be time consuming, but with consistency, an SEO employee’s job gets easier as his skills increase.

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