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Some companies may find it easier to recruit new talent to their ranks, and some roles may be easier to fill than others. When the position you’re looking to fill involves broad requirements, your pool of candidates may include hundreds, if not thousands of people. For example, if you want to fill a clerk job, with the criteria of a university degree, experience working in customer service, good knowledge of computers and so on, you’ll receive many resumes. However, if you wish to fill a position of a bioengineer, and to top that off, one that has experience in the government sector, you may only find a handful of candidates, if any.

Recruiting for niche industries and niche positions can be extremely time consuming and even frustrating, as you can get overwhelmed with a pile of the wrong resumes, trying to find the right talent. The way to deal with this is to work on a method of pre-screening, which will provide you with only the most qualified applicants, from the very beginning of the process — those with the most experience, best education, and passion for their chosen profession. Here are some tips for niche recruitment: Continue Reading →

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17. March 2019 by Admin
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What are we? Professionals of Internet Marketing/Digital Marketing—or even Online Marketing?

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what are we

When you go to each job board that deals with the Digital/Internet/Online/Web Marketing niche you can find many different job titles. They all refer, in general, to the same job role; but which one is the right job title for us? The online/digital/Internet marketing gurus?

It’s hard to answer this kind of question, but we will try to use our knowledge with online tools to answer the terrible conundrum of not understanding our job title.

We all know there are a lot of subcategories of online/digital/Internet marketing—such as: SEO (Search Engine Optimization), SEM (Search Engine Marketing), SMO (Social Media Optimization), PPC (Pay Per Click), Inbound Marketing, and so on. Based on the subcategories, I think the right title for us as Web gurus should be “Online Marketing”—more so than the two others.

But let’s look at the numbers to tell us the true story (we all love numbers) … Continue Reading →

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09. July 2014 by Admin
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How to get a position as an in-house employee in an SEO company

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in house employee in an seo companyThe SEO field of work is very broad. If we take an average SEO company in the US, these roles are always needed: off-page, on-page, analytics, outreach, client managers, web analytics, and more.

Every month you can hear of a new role in the SEO field. In this post I will talk about the important issue of how to get a job with an SEO company in the US. Naturally this means to be employed in-house, and not as a freelancer or independent business in the field. There are many differences between regular employment and in-house employment in a company. I will cover several topics in this post: Getting started in an SEO company (how to brand yourself, what SEO companies are seeking, what roles exist), what are the advantages of working in SEO companies as opposed to building an independent business, and where in the US is the best places for work in the field. Continue Reading →

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12. February 2014 by Or Hillel
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SEO/SEM salary survey for Australia and New Zealand

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SEO Jobs Finder and SEO Sydney Blog present: SEO/SEM salary survey for Australia and New Zealand the 2010 edition.

The purpose of the survey is to better understand the evolution of the search industry in Australia and New Zealand and especially measure the changes in terms of salary and employment.
Over the last 3 years, many changes occurred. The market is more and more mature, professionals are more and more qualified, which has a direct impact on salaries and mentalities.
We have noticed that Australian and New Zealand professionals tends to change job quite frequently. In the same way, jobs tends to be more and more specialised.

In the 2010 edition, we are aiming at measuring the latest changes and provide free and useful data for both employers and employees. The survey format is the same as the previous years. 10 questions, which take less than 2 mins to answer. The entire survey is anonymous and the results will be published for free on the blog. Continue Reading →

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01. May 2010 by Admin
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Alison’s Job Searching Blog

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New post in Alison’s Job Searching Blog about Niche Job Search Engines. As you can see our site SEO Jobs Finder is shown at this blog post.

Here is a quote from what Alison wrote about SEO Jobs Finder:

“SEO Jobs Finder is a niche job search engine with SEO, social media, web, PPC, and copywriting job listings.”

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13. March 2010 by Admin
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Interview with Chris Genge

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Chris Chris Genge started 1st on the List Promotion Inc. in 1996 at the beginning of a very young industry and as such, He had to devise his own methods and ways to determine why websites were not ranking. He developed his own highly effective Search Engine Optimization strategies for improving websites, enabling them to rank well for related keyword terms. The company essentially grew out of a one-man operation where he oversaw and did everything. Chris continues to oversee all projects, keeping current with today?s SEO technologies with his highly skilled staff of SEO professionals. Continue Reading →

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21. December 2009 by Admin
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How to find SEO Jobs Presentation

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New presentation that present how to find SEO Jobs. You can get more info about how to find SEO jobs on the full article. When you ready search for jobs at SEO Jobs Finder site.

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04. November 2009 by Admin
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SEO News – September 09

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Here are some of the top stories for September 09 in SEO and SEM over the internet:

When to Run Away from an SEO Company – Sep 11, 2009

Bing 2.0 Coming Soon, According to Some Reliable Tweets – Sep 11, 2009

Job Seekers and Social Media: Not So Perfect Together – Sep 11, 2009

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12. September 2009 by Admin
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SEO News – July 09

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Here are some of the top stories for July 09 in SEO and SEM over the internet:

96% Say Clients Need To Be Involved In the SEO Process – July 22, 2009

Google Makes Conversion Optimizer More Widely Available – July 23, 2009

How Do You Retire When You Work on the Internet? – July 10, 2009

Get More From Your Referral Sites in Google Analytics – July 21, 2009

Yahoo Looking to Sell HotJobs, Buy Xoopit – July 22nd, 2009

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23. July 2009 by Admin
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SEO News – June 09

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Here are some of the top stories for June 09 in SEO and SEM over the internet:

Google Wants The Web To Go Faster – June 23, 2009

How Google May Rate Raters – June 15, 2009

Page Rank Sculpting ? Dead or Alive? – June 23, 2009

Google v. Facebook? What We Learn from Twitter – June 22, 2009

noFollow noWorries: An SEO Linking Update – June 23, 2009

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24. June 2009 by Admin
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