How to get a position as an in-house employee in an SEO company

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in house employee in an seo companyThe SEO field of work is very broad. If we take an average SEO company in the US, these roles are always needed: off-page, on-page, analytics, outreach, client managers, web analytics, and more.

Every month you can hear of a new role in the SEO field. In this post I will talk about the important issue of how to get a job with an SEO company in the US. Naturally this means to be employed in-house, and not as a freelancer or independent business in the field. There are many differences between regular employment and in-house employment in a company. I will cover several topics in this post: Getting started in an SEO company (how to brand yourself, what SEO companies are seeking, what roles exist), what are the advantages of working in SEO companies as opposed to building an independent business, and where in the US is the best places for work in the field.

What SEO companies look for in their employees?

When it comes to in-house workers, most SEO companies in the US look for people with previous experience. It all depends on the specific role that the company wants to fill, however most jobs require previous knowledge or experience in the field. Roles that do not require experience are usually internship jobs. Have you taken a course in a specific field of SEO? This would be a great advantage that SEO companies are looking for. Since most companies are looking for experienced workers, having learned a course in the field is a big advantage that can open many doors for you.

How to brand yourself in order to get a job with leading companies?

High-quality resumes are not enough. As a result of the great competition that exists today, the small and minor differences are the main things that will get you hired by leading companies. In the past, there were more open jobs than people who can fill them, but today the situation is that approximately 2-3 people compete over every job opening (of course better and more senior positions in large companies have even stronger competition). So what is the correct way to brand yourself in order to get a job in one of the large companies in the field? There are several methods, but I will mention some of them:

  1. First, brand yourself in terms of social media – is your Facebook account a member of relevant groups in the field? In your Twitter account, do you follow experts? Do you tweet occasionally about related subjects (original material or retweet other experts)? Are you a member of relevant groups on LinkedIn? Do you follow the leading SEO companies on LinkedIn?
  2. Be active in the blogs of the leading companies in the market. Show your presence by replying to new blogs, and participate in QA forums if they exist.
  3. Attend local conventions. Every day hundreds of conferences are held (small, medium and large) across the United States. Attend local Conferences, mingle, and reach leading companies’ booths. Again, present yourself and be active!

Do you have any previous experience? Why not start your own business?

This is a question that every SEO expert asks himself, should he work in a company establish an independent business with its own customers? I’ll try to answer, but ultimately it depends on the nature of every person and personal abilities. Starting a small SEO business is not suitable for every type of person, there are many variables in this equation.

If you see a future in creating individual projects (starting your own projects that you will manage, not for other customers) or in getting customers to use your services, then you should look into the independent way. There is always demand for small companies, but it is important to be very professional. There are thousands of companies that are only “SEO companies” by name, without any real content. Start small, build a website with content that interests you, and experiment with it. This will give you measuring tools and experience (which you can show if necessary when trying to get a job in an SEO company).

Where should I work as an SEO expert these days?

The leading cities are of course the hi-tech cities, and for me these are: New York, San Francisco, Palo Alto, and Boston (This data is taken from top cities in Of course there are many other cities, but these are the main ones because the largest US companies are placed there.

There are many possible jobs for SEO professionals, I will list those here:

  • Working as an SEO expert in an SEO company.
  • Working as an SEO expert in a website development company.
  • Working as an SEO expert for a website or group of websites (e.g. SEO expert for the Washington Post).
  • Working as an SEO expert as part of a company’s marketing department (whether an offline company such as Walmart, or an Internet startup company’s online marketing system).

There are other options, but these are the main ones. There are little differences between the levels of experience required for the different types mentioned above. For example, you should be an experienced SEO expert if you want a job in an SEO company, as opposed to working as an SEO expert in a retail company’s marketing department. The different job types are suitable for different types of people, and each person should go after a suitable role for himself. There are those who want to work in the technological environment of a startup company, and others who choose to develop further in other directions and work in the marketing department of a general company.

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