Tips for Niche Recruitment

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Some companies may find it easier to recruit new talent to their ranks, and some roles may be easier to fill than others. When the position you’re looking to fill involves broad requirements, your pool of candidates may include hundreds, if not thousands of people. For example, if you want to fill a clerk job, with the criteria of a university degree, experience working in customer service, good knowledge of computers and so on, you’ll receive many resumes. However, if you wish to fill a position of a bioengineer, and to top that off, one that has experience in the government sector, you may only find a handful of candidates, if any.

Recruiting for niche industries and niche positions can be extremely time consuming and even frustrating, as you can get overwhelmed with a pile of the wrong resumes, trying to find the right talent. The way to deal with this is to work on a method of pre-screening, which will provide you with only the most qualified applicants, from the very beginning of the process — those with the most experience, best education, and passion for their chosen profession. Here are some tips for niche recruitment:

1. Be precise with the job description

Even before posting about the role, make sure that you understand all that is needed for an employee to be successful in that role. This will include education, qualifications, experience, certifications, attitudes, and any prior knowledge. When you write the job responsibilities, use as much of the professional jargon as possible. You want to make sure that only people who are fully fluent in the field will apply, and those who don’t understand the ad, just won’t bother. In addition, the candidate who is a specialist in their field will be thrilled to apply to a role where the employer will appreciate their understanding of the industry.

2. Advertise to match your ideal candidate

Different industries attract different types of personalities. For example, photographers tend to have very active Instagram accounts. Programmers may frequent Reddit. You should take into consideration who your ideal candidate is, try to figure out their personality traits, and post the job according to that. This will determine the social media where you choose to post, where you place ads, which job boards you pick (there are niche boards as well), online message boards, Facebook/LinkedIn Groups, Alumni Newsletters – the possibilities are endless. But it’s important you don’t spread yourself thin, and only invest time where you’ll get the best results.

You can also phrase the ad and design it, based on candidates’ characteristics. Do they have a creative mind, or do they want things simple and straight to the point? All of these also extend to offline means, if you feel your candidate is more likely to look outside of the Internet.

3. Networking is not just for job seekers

If you are looking for a candidate with specific qualifications, most chances are that they are currently employed, and may not even be looking for another job. In that case, you may need to work extra hard to get their attention, and a job posting will not do. But in niche industries, many times, there are conferences to talk about those fields, seminars to extend knowledge and organizations to group the specialists together. You can use these to your advantage and network to try and find new talent. You can also host events by yourself, such as a panel discussion for new trends, to get all of the best candidates under one roof.

4. Use a niche recruiting firm

Sometimes, the easiest way to find the best talent is simply to rely on outside help from professionals. Recruitment firms who work in niche fields are able to provide you with applicants you may have never come across by yourself. Because they only work in one specific industry, they maintain relationships with candidates from their graduation and through different positions, knowing who is on the lookout, and when. While you’d be sifting through dozens of resumes, looking at every single one for the first time, they will be able to make a few phone calls and locate the right applicant. You can find the best recruiting firm for your niche with websites such as RecruitersLineup, saving you time and money in the long run.

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